Doz'ia Mobile Cafe'

We are proud to announce our new food service system with the launching of
Doz’ia Mobile Café. Our popup cafés provide clients with a fresh, affordable meal
for lunch or dinner at any of our partners office or business locations. Our team of
chefs serve the freshest ingredients with options you won’t find with any other
service. Doz’ia Mobile Cafe allows customer’s satisfaction to take center stage by
presenting beautifully crafted and flavorful original dishes delivered with our
Exposed Kitchen Concepts. The best products come from people who care about
their work and we have that with Doz’ia Mobile Cafe. Our philosophy is to
“Exceed Expectations” and we will operate under that philosophy with continued
innovative foresight that provides healthy alternative options for those seeking a break from the mundane dining experience.

Doz’ia Mobile Café is a perfect service for company meetings, luncheons and celebrations! Anywhere, Anytime!!  Experience the Flavor you can savor with Doz’ia Mobile Café!  Servicing the greater Atlanta Metro area.