Culinary Life Skills & Mentorship Program

The mission of the Culinary Life Skills & Mentorship Program is to develop a dedicated team of culinary professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and educators that will set an agenda for local youth and community members to develop basic kitchen skills, food economics, as well as survival and Life skills through the culinary arts.  Food is the Essence of Life! The program is for, but not limited to local youth, community individuals and businesses interested learning and growing through this format.

Mentorship Format

Rotating 4 week program with 2-3 hours sessions

The course curriculum will teach culinary basics and life skills that provide long term benefits for the youth, community members as well as industry businesses providing food services. Courses will be interactive and hands on with mentors demonstrating techniques to mentees in basic kitchen skills in a 2 hour format that will include menu planning, recipe development, problem solving and life skills as it relates to culinary arts

Academic Topics

  • Food Economics
  • Kitchen basics
  • Recipe development: Recipe of the week
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Recreate Dish Challenges
  • Life Skills Challenges

Discussion Topics

  • Time vs. Money: Which do you have more of?
  • Organic vs. Natural Grown: Can you tell the difference?
  • Chain Grocery Stores vs. Farmers Markets vs. Big Box Stores
  • Media vs. Myth: What are you being told?
  • You have to be Rich to be Poor! Time vs. money
    • Why poor neighborhoods spend more money on food! How can we learn to use time to save money?